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  • How many uses can I get from your product?
If you follow the care instructions included in package you should get at least 60 uses 

    • Does it hurt to remove?
    No, it does not hurt and it does not leave a mark

      • Can I wear it all day?
      You sure can 


        • Can I swim in it?
        Absolutely can
        • Can I run in it?
        Yes, excessive sweating can cause the adhesive to become a bit loose. Dry the breasts and apply again


          • How do I store them?
          They come with a storage container and a tight back to keep them clean and secure


            • Do you have any other designs?
            Our artists are constantly designing new and exciting designs. Unfortunately, it takes many labor hours to go from design to finished product. Please sign up for our mailing list to be notified and follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and TikTok for updates


              • Are these handmade?
              All our products are handmade in the USA. Packaging is sourced, but everything else is made with love


                • If you run out of products I want when can you have more products?
                We are working around the clock to fill out orders. Covid-19 has its challenges but we are working diligently to fill out all orders


                  • Are your products sanitized?
                  All our products are sanitized and safe when they leave our assembly line. Our colleagues work hard at keeping our work space clean and sanitized while maintaining their distance


                    • Do you accept returns?
                    No we do not. Due to the nature of our products we can not accept returns. However, please email with any issues or concerns. If you are happy please tell the world, if not please tell us


                      • What size should I get?
                      Select our product size that correspond to your cup size. Our pasties are all one size fits all 


                        • How can I be an ambassador to your company?
                        Please fill out our application and give us time to get back with you as we are overwhelmed with applicants.
                        • My nipples stick out through my bra. Does this cover that problem?


                          • Is it okay to use your product with a nipple ring?


                            • How do I wash it?
                            Soap and water


                              • How do I try it?
                              Water falls right off and no drying is needed. You can practically come out of the water and put on any top after you dry your skin and you will be ready to go


                                • Does it fade?


                                  • Can I glue rhinestones on it?
                                  No, it won't stick 


                                    • I am allergic to glue and adhesive?
                                    This is a medical grade adhesive and it should not cause any kind of rash or allergies


                                      • My order has not come in yet, when should I get it?
                                      Please check your tracking as we can not control it as it leaves our hands 


                                        • How much lift should I expect?
                                        Hard to say depending on cup size, density and the gravity effect. We have seen a 2 inch lift from bottom of smaller breasts to 1 - 1.5 inch lift on larger breasts


                                          • Do you ship overseas?
                                          Yes, we do to select countries. Please email us your address so we can quote shipping charges. Time will vary per country. Duty, tax or tariff, if any, is sole responsibility of buyer