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Our Story

It’s 2020. Where are the flying cars, robot butlers, and futuristic clothing? 

We believe that the next step in the evolution of fashion is 3d textured, silicone clothing contoured to fit and accentuate your curves.  We created Queen Skinwear to turn this vision into a luscious, tangible reality. 

Much of the history of fashion design has been guided by the challenges involved in using flat fabrics to clothe a curvy body. Unimpressed by the flattening that most clothing does, we saw the opportunity to do what only could be approximated with all the usual textiles.  We’re saying goodbye to painful straps and revolutionizing the concept of being “topless”. We’re amping up the sex appeal with flexible silicone products designed with a concave interior so they conform to a female’s figure and feel and look like your “second skin”. 

Our delicate, 3D textured designs are breathing new life into the fashion world. Stop wishing your outfit was made out of translucent leaves, iridescent flowers, silky soft seashells and sparkly diamonds.  We can’t help you with the cars or butlers, but we can bring you the future of fashion to make you feel like it’s 2120!